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Stephan B. (Steve) Widmeyer at Widmeyer Mediation and Law is at your service. Mr. Widmeyer has been a practicing trial attorney since 1978 and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil and Family Law Mediator since 1993.  He is admitted to practice law in Florida, the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. Supreme Court, and U. S. Tax Court.


As a Mediator and Qualified Arbitrator, Mr. Widmeyer has mediated over 1,400 civil and family law cases.  He is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Appellate Mediator and is approved by the Florida Supreme Court's Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) as a Primary Trainer of Circuit Civil Mediation.  He recently qualified as a mediator in federal bankruptcy court cases involving residential mortgage foreclosures.


He is a member of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, the Florida Circuit Civil Mediator Society, and the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators. https://mediation4builders.co.uk/


Mr. Widmeyer's extensive experience in civil law and mediation makes him well-qualified to provide legal advice to clients, and uniquely qualified to provide neutral mediation services to aid disputants in resolving their legal issues.


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What Makes Us Different


Legal Services


Filing a lawsuit is rarely the best "first option."  Mr. Widmeyer believes that satisfactorily resolving a legal dispute is nearly always best achieved by giving clients sound legal advice as to their rights, duties, and litigation risks, and then proceeding accordingly.  He believes that clients are nearly always best served by being guided in making appropriate risk assessments, cost-benefit analyses, and sound business decisions based thereon.   Mr. Widmeyer has more than 35 years of civil trial experience; the variety of the cases he has tried or settled is comprehensive.  This wide depth and breadth of knowledge and experience give him an ability to analyze a client's legal situation from several perspectives, often suggesting a remedy which had not occurred to the client.  Mr. Widmeyer no longer actively litigates cases, but prefers instead to counsel clients and, whenever possible, achieve satisfactory results without the necessity of filing a law suit.  If a client's needs cannot be met without filing suit, Mr. Widmeyer will refer a client to a list of litigation attorneys without recommending one over the others.


Mediation Services


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Mr. Widmeyer's broad experience as a trial lawyer has also given him unique perspectives into how to craft an approach to a dispute as a mediator.  And while a mediator must remain neutral and impartial, he nevertheless can suggest possible solutions for the parties to consider--solutions they might not have thought of otherwise.  His 35-plus years of court case experience and his 20 years as a mediator have given him insights into discovering what issues truly drive disputes and how to meet parties' needs to achieve a resolution.  If you wish to schedule a mediation with Mr. Widmeyer, you can easily do so on line by going to www.floridamediators.org/steve-widmeyer and clicking on the calendar tab. UK Family mediation Service


Knowledge and Experience Count


Mr. Widmeyer is experienced--in both the plaintiff's and defendant's side--in family law matters, contract formation and litigation, construction disputes, residential and commercial Landlord-Tenant disputes, real estate and title disputes, boundary disputes, neighbor disputes, corporate and commercial and business law, lien and mortgage foreclosures, partition actions, property- and homeowner association disputes, and civil theft actions.


As a Florida Supreme Court certified Circuit Civil and Family Mediator since 1993, Mr. Widmeyer has mediated more than 1,400 disputes in all the above legal areas, including hundreds of Family Law disputes.  He is also a certified Appellate Mediator, and a Supreme Court DRC-approved Primary Trainer in circuit civil mediator training programs.


If you wish to discuss a legal problem with Mr. Widmeyer, he would be pleased to do so and to represent you as your advocate/attorney in resolving that legal problem.  Please be aware that once you have discussed your case with Mr. Widmeyer as your attorney, he cannot thereafter mediate your dispute.  If you wish to engage Mr. Widmeyer to mediate your dispute, please tell him this BEFORE you tell him anything else.  He will then appropriately guide your conversation so that he can remain neutral and impartial.


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